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Sheffield City Goals Conversation

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Over the past eight months a diverse range of people and organisations from across the city have come together to listen to one another and work together. 

Everyone involved has contributed to the development of a draft set of City Goals for Sheffield. The Goals aim to act as Sheffield’s North Stars, describing the kind of city we want to be and what we need to get there.

The City Goals are about what we want our city to be now and in the future, working together to build our legacy. Their purpose is to align and galvanise a whole-city approach to delivering that future. They aren’t owned by any single organisation, group or person, but rather something our city owns, together. 

This is a further opportunity for those in Sheffield to shape these goals and to take part in a ‘public conversation’.

The outputs of this conversation will be captured through this survey, and will inform changes made to the Sheffield City Goals before they are finalised and then launched in early 2024.

For more information and to see the goals in one place, please visit the website Sheffield City Goals 

If you would prefer to complete this survey in another language, then you can use the translate function in your internet browser or contact us at to request a copy.

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Survey Guide

You will be asked about 6 stories about Sheffield in 2035, and each of the Goals we’ll need to work towards to get there. 

You will be invited to share the level of support you have for each of the 6 stories and their associated goals, together with any opinions or suggestions you wish to share.

You will also have the opportunity to share with us your thoughts about what might be missing or could be added. 

If you are completing the survey on behalf of a group, organisation or business you can indicate this at the end of the survey.